The Different Safes Available to Protect Your Valuables

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When most people think about home security they straight away think about their doors, windows and locks – however when looking to protect items of value, whether it be monetary or sentimental, people must ensure that they add an additional layer of protection – such as that of a home safe. Not only can people use safes in their homes to protect valuable items, but also in the workplace. Safes are incredibly beneficial in a range of scenarios; however it has recently become apparent that many struggle to choose the best and most appropriate safes for their individual needs and requirements. That is why today we are going to discuss some of the available safe options, with the intention of enabling people to make informed decision…

Diversion safes – These safes are possibly the most basic, and often referred to as ‘hidden safes’. They are typically made from ordinary, everyday objects such as books and cans and used to hide items that people do not want to be found by others. A good example of these safes is a book diversion safe storing something, which is then placed on a bookcase to blend in.

Fire resistant safes – These safes can protect items from incredibly high temperatures, protecting items from fires and more. Items in these safes can even be kept in perfect condition after 4 hours of fire. When using these safes it is good practice to places inside items inside double zip lock bags first.

Wall safes – Wall safes re not simply placed on walls, but built into them – with people being able to choose the depth that they would like their wall safes to be installed. You have probably seen these safes multiple times in movies, with large pictures being strategically placed in front of them to hide their existence.

Burglar resistant safes – These safes are designed to stop thieves, made using robust and strong materials so that they are incredibly unlikely to be able to be broken into. A lot of safes in today’s world are burglar resistant, and there are many different grades available for people to choose from.

Room sized safes – Otherwise known as safe rooms and vaults, these safes are huge and designed for people who have large amounts of items that they wish to protect. These are great for businesses and places of work.

These are only some of the available safe options too! Which safes would you choose to protect your valuables? We would love to hear your thoughts…


How to Find the Best Job in Recruitment

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If you are looking to land the perfect recruitment role, you will no doubt probably already be aware of a number of different websites available for you to take advantage of – Or maybe you’re not. The great thing is that a number of these websites and tools are totally free of charge and able to be easily accessed by everyone from a whole range of devices, providing that internet access is present.  As recruiters, many would think that finding the perfect and most suitable role is incredibly easy; however with the industry being so competitive, many can struggle unless they’re aware of the methods in which we are now going to talk about…

Rec to Rec Agencies

Job Boards

Many recruitment job board websites are available to all online, providing people with knowledge regarding a whole range of recruitment openings around the world, not just in individuals’ local areas. Not only can recruitment jobs be found on specific recruitment job sites, but also regular job boards, where filters can be used to find jobs 100% suited to personal needs and requirements. The great thing about looking for jobs online as opposed to going to the job centre or a local company, is that people are able to see jobs all over the country, or even the world, allowing them to discover where they are most needed and where they could be the most successful, providing that they’re willing or planning to move.

Posting Online

Not only can people search for jobs available on job board websites – but many also allow individuals to post information regarding the jobs that they’re looking for so that potential employers can easily see them and make decisions. Many recruiters that are already in roles decided to keep their profiles on these websites for all to see, in case anything better comes along in the future – This way they will be able to be contacted should someone think that they’re appropriate for a role they’re offering.

Rec to Rec Agencies

Rec2Rec companies specialise in placing recruiters in the most appropriate roles. This can often be a great route for people looking for recruitment roles to take because these experts have a lot of knowledge regarding the industry and access to lists of jobs available that aren’t available to the public. For example some recruitment companies do not bother posting on job boards and simply leave their recruiting to Rec2Rec specialists.

Creating a Productive Office Environment

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Over the decades offices across the UK have seen an abundance of different designs – with many styles proclaiming to increase productivity levels. With designers continuing to argue between themselves, with some believing that privacy is key, whilst others boasting that openness is vital, it is no surprise that many office owners and managers are unsure how to redesign their spaces to achieve maximum results.

Of course, space has to be utilised appropriately for each individual business – for example the slides that can be found in Google’s offices may not be suitable for law firms and such, however there are a number of key considerations which can improve productivity within offices in all industries. These include the following:

Sound Control

Ensuring appropriate sound levels are present within an office is incredibly important. This will vary depending on each office’s conditions for examples noises that have to be considered include those from traffic, employees, other business, mobile phones etc. Loud and repetitive noises have been proven to cause headaches, increase blood pressure, increase irritability and more.

First of all you should look to block out any noises coming from outside of your office – this can be achieved in numerous ways including by using double glazed windows and acoustic tiles. Next you need to consider the noise inside your office – putting up dividers between employees workstations can work greatly. Having office plants can also absorb some of the noise and allow for a quieter, more productive environment.

Good Lighting


removal services in LondonSimilarly to sound, bad lighting choices have been known to cause bad side effects including – raised blood pressure, fatigue, headaches and irritability. Natural light is by far the greatest source of light therefore if possible; a number of windows to let this light in are advised. Although, if you do have a lot of windows, you should have blinds in place for the days that are too bright – as this can be detrimental also. “Daylight” light bulbs are also a great option for offices as they can be very pleasing on the eye so if you don’t have the optimum numbers of windows these could provide a fabulous alternative.

Task-Specific Workstations

Having specific, dedicated work stations for different tasks can work incredibly well, as people will have to get up more throughout the day to move from desk to desk. It has been proven that taking regular breaks to stretch and walk around improves productivity and work levels.

Do you need to relocate?


If you believe that your employees are not currently reaching their maximum productivity levels and think that this is because your office space is unsuitable, it could be time to move. If you are thinking about moving offices, there are plenty of removal services in London available to allow you to move quickly, efficiently and easily without affecting your business operations.

What You Should Know About Safe Deposit Boxes

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When considering renting a safe deposit box, many people are slightly clueless and don’t know much about them, as a result of this they often decide not to. To make it easier for all we have therefore compiled this list of things that we believe everyone should now about safety deposit boxes, to enable people to make informed, wise decisions:

safe deposit box

  • Safe deposit boxes are incredibly affordable when compared to other storage solutions, with many companies offering them for very small monthly fees with no hidden costs.
  • If you choose to store important documents inside a safe deposit box, such as wills, you are definitely very clever. However, make sure that this isn’t the only place that you store these and if possible allow someone that you’re close to, to have a copy also.
  • No one can guarantee that safety deposit boxes aren’t going to be affected by flooding. Yes floods are rare and extremely unlikely to occur at some safety deposit centres but it is always best to be cautious. If storing documents or paper work you should consider first of all placing them in a zip lock back or Tupperware box.
  • If possible also try to get a box which isn’t close to the ground, this again will reduce that chance of your items getting damaged should a flood take place.
  • Unless you choose to get a safety deposit box in a centre which is open 24/7, be sure not to put your passport or anything else that you could need to quickly access in an emergency inside your box.
  • Consider giving someone that is close to you and trustworthy access to your box also in case something happens to you that stops you from being able to access it. This person will have to sign should they enter it so you will always know exactly when they have been.
  • If you get a safe deposit box check what insurance cover you have got.
  • Make sure that you keep an inventory/list of the things inside your box, if possible containing any receipts, photographs – these will be needed should you ever have to make a claim.
  • Keep on top on monthly payments at all times otherwise boxes could be seized!



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safesMany people use safes on holiday, in hotel rooms to keep valuables safe while they are out and about enjoying themselves. Safes are also commonly used to keep money in, from little money boxes at home to large commercial safes in offices and banks. However, the need for safes do not stop there. People require safes for a wide variety of things such as, guns, drugs, jewellery and even just general storage.


A safe provides someone with a strong unit to store something valuable or dangerous where it can only be accessed by those who either have a key or code to unlock the unit. Safe manufacturers have worked hard to design the most secure safes on the market for a variety of uses, apart from the usual uses here are a few others you may have not used before.


  • Deposit safes

Deposit safes allow staff to access the safe to put money in but doesn’t enable access to get money out. This means that not all staff need access to keep the safe more secure.

  • Gun safes

Designed to be able to store various guns of different sizes safely and securely.

  • Key safes

These are designed purely for storing keys, they come in various sizes and include little hooks for the keys to hang on.

Due to an increase in needing to secure valuables away, the need for people to purchase safes has greatly risen. With this rise, safe manufacturers have had to create safes that can suit everyone’s individual needs, safes no longer are just metal boxes you find on shelves or in cupboards.


Where can you put your safe?


There are various safes now that have been designed to be able to be kept underground. This was due to some safes needing to be kept out of site for security reasons. This meant that anybody passing or in the event of a break-in, the person would not be able to locate the safe.

Alongside underground safes are also those that can be fitted into a wall. This can save on space and similar to underground safes can quite considerably reduce visibility and attention.

If you require even more security than just a safe you can have what is called a strong room. These are basically giant safes in which you can put valuable object in or put smaller safes for double security.

Some safe manufacturers have started ranges of bespoke luxury safes, this was due to an increase in domestic safes and allows people to have safes at home that have a stylish look and fit in with furnishings.


Why You Should Power Flush You Central Heating System

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Many people power flush there heating systems to get rid of sludge, rust and calcium. However, it has become common for people to leave their central heating systems alone when they need powerflushing, this is because they either can’t be bothered or they simply don’t know when you should power flush. To avoid mechanical failure and paying out more money, look for a few of these: Your boiler switching on and off regularly or breaking down a lot, your boiler is making noise such as banging or making a kettle sound, radiators getting cold spots or your house feeling cold when your heating is on.

powerflushing in Addlestone

Benefits of Power Flushing:

  • It will improve water circulation
  • You will save up to 25% on heating bills, therefore your money will stretch further
  • Improves central heating efficiency and all your radiators will produce more heat meaning there will be no cold spots
  • Your boiler will run quieter
  • There will be less risk of it breaking down
  • The temperature of the hot water will be better

As you can see power flushing is essential if you would like it to work efficiently and not paying extra money on heating bills. If you think that you need to power flush your central heating system then here are a few tips before the big flush, take note:

  1. It is important to record the temperature of all radiators and settings of any thermostatic radiator valves (TRV).
  2. Close automatic air vents manually.
  3. To ensure that there is a consistent flow going through each valve take the heads off TRV.
  4. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

4 Benefits of Portable Buildings

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Are you wondering what you can use a portable building for? Well, portable buildings can be used for a variety of things, for example: Portable offices, schools, toilets, shower units, receptions, anti-vandal unit.

Estudio DReam Wikipedia

Very Convenient

Each portable building is equipped with the necessary items and they’re also clean and comfortable.


Portable buildings have become extremely popular in the recent years; this is because they have multiple benefits, for example:

  1. Quick – Portable buildings are extremely useful when it comes to wanting them up straight away, they take half the time as it would do to construct a building, therefore by hiring a portable building it can save a lot of time and money.
  2. Flexible – You’re able to choose which ever portable building you want, whether it’s an office or toilet units for a festival or on a construction site, there is a variety of building for you choose from, depending on what you need them for. In addition, the sizes of these portable buildings also vary on what you choose and want.
  3. Portable – The best part about these building is that they’re portable, therefore when you hire or buy one you can then move them to different locations. Not only is this super convenient but also saves money in the future as you will be able to use them if you move to a different place.
  4. Convenient – Whether it is a portable toilet at a construction site or shower unit at a festival, portable buildings are always convenient, you don’t just save time and money but having a toilet available especially on a construction site can ensure that your workers get back to work straight away instead of taking time to work to and from the main building where the toilets are.

The Hosemaster Now Stocking Jubilee Multiband

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Leading supplier of hose, coupling and workshop supplies The Hosemaster are now stocking Jubilee Multiband for their customers to benefit from.

But what is this?

Jubilee Multiband

Jubilee Multiband is an endless or crew band system that can be assembled by anyone, anywhere and allows for all users to cut the band to lengths to suit their individual needs and requirements. The Multiband can be used in a variety of areas including air conditioning,   heating, sign fixing and more, making it one of the most versatile options within the industry.

Compromising of a phenomenal worm drives steel strip and screw housings which cleverly attach to the strip; the Multiband holds the ability to be tightened securely on things of many diameters without any hassle at all.

The Jubilee Multiband that The Hosemaster is now offering is ten metres in length and priced at just £33.61, and has already received a number of great customer reviews. They also have banding options available in 11mm mild steel zinc plated, 7mm stainless steel and 11mm stainless steel, making it thoroughly possible for all to purchase banding 100% suited to their needs and requirements.

If you require further information, have any questions, or would like assistance in choosing the best products for you, you will be happy to know that The Hosemaster have a highly knowledgeable yet friendly team on hand to talk to you today.

Moving Tips for Houses and Offices

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Relocating, whether it be homes or offices can be incredibly stressful if not completed efficiently and correctly.

Basic tips to assist

London removals

  1. There is no such thing as packing too early, do this in as much advance as possible to avoid having to rush any packing a the last minute
  2. Start by packing things, and rooms, that you know that you’re not going to need – being sure not to pack anything away that you are going to need before your move
  3. If possible pack away one room at a time, labelling each box clearly. This will allow you to be easily able to find things upon arrival at your new destination
  4. Limit each box to thirty pounds so that they are not too heavy to carry this will ensure that you don’t get injured and also that the boxes do not break, damaging the items inside
  5. When packing make sure that there aren’t any empty gaps in boxes, these can be filled with newspaper – this will secure your items

If you are looking for a professional London removals company to assist you with your move, one company that would be happy to help is Safe Removals London.

Fourteen arrests for every one-hundred burglaries

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A recent analysis conducted by BBC News has found that for every 100 burglaries, 14 arrests are made. Data shows that in 2014-2015 392,341 burglaries took place however only 54,466 arrests for these crimes were made.

But why is this?

 Safes UK

Almost half of burglaries in the UK take place away from the home – in outhouses, sheds and garages etc. These crimes often occur during the night, whist people sleep and often there isn’t any CCTV or witnesses to help assist investigations. This is turn makes securing arrests incredibly difficult, never mind convictions.

What should you do?

If you are worried that you are going to get burgled, or even if you’re not, it is important that you ensure that you have efficient CCTV in place as not only will this enable you to catch any criminals if you are unfortunate to be robbed from but will also act as a deterrence and reduce your risk of being burgled.

Another good step to take is to purchase a safe from Safes UK or SMP Security. In a safe you can store anything you wish, such as jewellery, cash and important documents and this will provide you with extra piece of mind as if someone does manage to get into your home, they will be incredibly unlikely to be able to get into your safe also. If you would like to purchase a safe today, or would simply like to view your available options, you can visit today.



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