Get into the Christmas spirit with festive fabrics

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Sewing is great fun but that’s especially true in the run up to Christmas when people all across the UK take to creating fun yet festive pieces either for their own home or as a gift to someone else. You can find loads of patterns and materials out there that relate to Christmas but finding ones that are of high quality while being inexpensive isn’t anywhere near as easy.

At The Remnant House you’ll find a huge choice of adorable festive fabrics. They have everything you could wish for and more and all at truly affordable prices. They currently sell hundreds of designs, from traditional to modern and quirky. Whether you’re searching for something with red and green baubles or you’d prefer fabric with Santa Clause, at The Remnant House you’ll never be short of amazing options. It’s no wonder why thousands of people every year rush to The Remnant House to stock up on the country’s finest fabric supplies.

Whether you’re creating a table throw or cushions for your home to really embrace the Christmas spirit, there’s no better supplier of quality fabrics than The Remnant House. So with winter drawing in and cold, dark nights approaching, what better way to pass the time and have some seasonal fun than by taking your hobby to the next level and making your very own bespoke Christmas items, whether clothing fabrics or decorations.

To shop today for all the finest fabric and haberdashery items, visit The Remnant House website. They deliver all across the UK and have a reputation for their rapid delivery times. Order today and your goods will be with you before you know it.

Social media – could it benefit your business?

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Business is an ever-changing beast that is constantly in a state of metamorphosis, evolving to adapt to revolutionary technologies and finding new ways to win over prospective customers/clients. From print to radio to television to email advertising, it seems that every few decades there is something new that comes along and captures the attention of businesses, inspiring them to use new ways to get noticed and grow. You shouldn’t be too shocked then to learn that in the last few years there has been an influx of companies big and small utilising social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to better communicate with existing customers and attract new ones.

What are the benefits

Why should you consider investing money and time in social media management and marketing?




Push your brand

Brand recognition is an important aspect of any successful business and simply having a website often falls short when it comes to creating a strong, positive brand image in your sector. An effective way to bolster those efforts is to have a presence on social media, interacting regularly with fellow industry professionals and potential and existing customers.


Promote loyalty

By listening to and engaging with your customers, even when they might not have the most positive of feedback to give, you’ll encourage loyalty, leading not only to more repeat business but also sparking interest and winning over others.


Improve conversions

By humanising your business and making it known that you’re more than happy to interact with customers, even those who’ve had an uncharacteristically bad experience, you’ll receive a great shot in the arm where conversions are concerned.

Studies show that businesses appear more trustworthy if they have a high number of followers and that, compared to outbound marketing, social media’s lead-to-close ratio is 100% greater.


Strengthen SEO

Having a strong following on leading social media networks, whether Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, will certainly help your search engine optimisation efforts, leading to Google favouring your site in search results. It’s for this reason that getting help from the best internet marketing London company is essential.


How will Panda 4.1 affect your website?

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Since Panda

A Google algorithm created to lower the search engine rankings of thin sites – was first released, there have been a number of changes, most of them favouring quality and original content, that have been warmly received by white-hat search engine optimisers. And towards the tail-end of September, Google released Panda 4.1, much to the delight of some and the annoyance of many. As is usually the case with algorithm updates from Google, some have seen their search engine visibility decline sharply since the move.

Naturally, if your business depends on people visiting a website, then you may be a bit nervous about the change. Will it affect you? Should you be worried? Do you need to contact an SEO company and take a pre-emptive course of action to ensure you don’t lose rankings and haemorrhage profit?

Well, before you can answer the second two questions you must answer the first. The question, then, is what will Panda 4.1 do and will you be in the firing line?

According to SearchMetrics, one of the world’s biggest search analytics software companies, wholesale changes have already been seen with download, content and news sites shooting up in the rankings. On the other hand, lyrics, games and medical portal sites have supposedly taken a significant hit.

The conclusion in the industry has been that websites getting hit are, by and large, portals with thin, low quality, unoriginal content. However, your website doesn’t need to be a portal to be affected by this update.

If you would like to find out about how Panda 4.1 works in more depth, perhaps you want to take the necessary measures to protect your website from future algorithm updates and releases, we recommend getting in touch with a company called Ranking Solutions.

Ranking Solutions is an digital marketing company based in Lancashire, England and has almost two decades of experience in the sector. They protect their clients from potentially damaging algorithms and can also help your website bounce back if you’ve already been punished by Google.

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