Hiring a car only to have to drive on the other side of the road

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In the last few years, “Staycations” have been on the rise, and why not when Britain has some beautiful holiday destinations on offer? The British countryside has so much unexplored potential during the summer months, from mountain biking and hiking in Cannock Chase, Bedgebury trial in Kent or Friston Forest Sussex, to a surfing extravaganza in sunny Cornwall or Torquay.




With all this on offer, why would you need to pay a fortune to up heave the family and cramp onto a stuffy plane for several hours? Then there is the dilemma on the other side of either being stuck in one place for your entire stay, hiring a car only to have to drive on the other side of the road, or having to brave the horror of 40 degree buses if you actually want to travel anywhere.

Whether you’re a very active and outdoorsy family who are happy to trial hunt of your own accord, or you are craving some rest bite from the kids and prefer companies such as Butlins or Oasis to provide your little Cherubs with entertainment day and night, there is something for everyone. And with the summer fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about where you want to take the clan for a week or two.




But wait

As a suburban London dweller, seasoned commuter and business mogul you know better than anyone that it’s an absolutely ludicrous prospect to even attempt to drive into work in London City Centre. What with the London Underground running every 2 minutes in every direction, and the kids’ school short walk around the corner, why would you even need to think about having a car? Suddenly you’re faced with a problem. How on earth are you going to get you, your family and the dog down to St. Ives or up to the Lake District, never mind how you will be able to start adventuring once you get there?

But with companies such as Swift Lease around, you need not fear. They offer affordable, local and convenient car and minibus hire across the country. So what’s stopping you? Get booking your Staycation today!

Get active this spring with these great hobbies

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There isn’t long to go now until spring arrives, and when it does you can expect milder weather and more opportunities to get out and about. Let’s face it, even for those of us who love snow and cold weather, doing things in winter is often difficult and for many people they don’t get to enjoy their hobbies as much as they would at other times of years. If you can’t wait for the freezing cold temperatures to end and you’ve been thinking of taking up a new hobby this year, here are three ideas for the coming months:



Airgunning is a great hobby but one that a lot of people don’t take part in. Unless you live in a rural area it can seem like it might not be the easiest of things to get into but so long as there’s a shooting range near your house you should have no problem picking up this great activity. Not only is firing guns really entertaining but it’s a practical skill you can put to use to hunt small animals. Buying replica guns is easy, simply visit Sports Guns online store and find one today.


US Coast Guard (USCG) First Class Port Securityman (PS1) Dennis Carney, Coastal Warfare Sector San Diego, fires an M1 Garand Rifle during the prone 300-yard rapid-fire stage of the 2006 Fleet Forces Command (Pacific) Rifle and Pistol Championships. Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and civilians competed in team and individual divisions during the annual marksmanship competition.



Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies there is. There are few things as enjoyable and relaxing as sitting back for hours at the edge of a scenic lake, river, canal or ocean. Fishing is also very easy to learn and is a great chance to meet new friends and get away from the wife for an hour or seven!





If you fancy getting a bit more active and you want to get out and about. There are cycling clubs all over the country but one of the best things about it is that it’s something a lot of people enjoy doing solo. Buying a bike and riding wherever you feel like is very liberating and will help you keep fit too.




Above all

If you’re looking for something to do this spring, a quick search on Google for some ideas will return plenty of suggestions. No matter how young or old you are or what your interests are, there’s something for everyone.

Fine Fireplaces don’t have to be a thing of the past

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With the recent success of the televised ‘Wolf Hall’, there has been increasing attention placed on fine facades and elegant interiors. A particular focus is fireplaces – after all, they can form a central and interesting feature in any room. But this does not have to be limited to pictures of the past.  Contemporary fireplaces are currently all the range too – as illustrated in the beautiful tiling choices by celebrities such as Michael Sheen to Tilda Swinton. Even the recent filming of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, saw the inclusion of a fine fireplace in the London apartment of the character Ana Steele.




Why a contemporary fireplace can be all the range

If you are looking to arrest some attention as well as add to function to a room of your choice, a contemporary or traditional antique fireplace may be something to consider:

  • models are often energy-efficient
  • Even though valentine’s day is past, with Easter celebrations on the way, a fireplace is a great feature to gather round upon occasions
  • Contemporary designs can incorporate style as well as function – something hot in more than one way
  • Whether you prefer a clean glass or a textured stone, a modern design is sure to incorporate a material for you




Yet where to start?

In terms of choosing fireplaces, especially if you live in the city, it can be difficult to nowhere to turn first. Of course you desire the best service and support so you can make the most informed and stunning feature choice for your home.


Firing the Future

For the best selection of the most current models at accessible prices, Stonewoods should be your first stop. And it does not stop at the name – from glass-front to fine marbles, there is an array of the finest materials and models to choose from. So do not be struggling to look for contemporary fireplaces. London is fully catered for if you consider Stonewoods now.

Indoor Gardening is growing great

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It may be following on the year of The Great British Bake Off and now The Great British Sewing Bee– but can we still have great British Gardening?  Baking and sewing are prime examples of traditional activities given a buzz by the technological times.

What about gardening?

This March will see the 47th year of Gardeners World come onto our screens. Yet there are technological mediums beyond television, sure to cultivate a new generation of gardeners…




From the comfort of your home

That is correct – just as you settle inside to watch the shows, there is no reason why you cannot do the same with gardening. The popularisation of indoor gardening has really bloomed in recent months, especially in light of the snowy conditions and the anticipated cold spell before Easter.


Why indoor gardening is a concept to cultivate this 2015:

  • From Leeds to London, big cities are growing but garden space is not necessarily. Being an indoor-grower with hydroponic equipment allows you to bring a little nature into your life, whatever your space
  • Some plants benefit from being grown indoors especially, including some prime fruit and vegetable crops
  • Gardening inside has the capacity to be trendy. Especially popular at the moment are ‘living screens’ and feature walls involving flowers, allowing you to appear a pro
  • It is not only trendy but handy! Indoor gardening can include the growth of fresh herbs and potential condiments for cooking, as well as for fragrance

Yet one way that can take this gardening from ‘good’ to deservedly great, is maintaining the right climate conditions.  Keeping on top of things in the house is hard enough without having to thin about maintaining the best conditions for quality growth. But now you do not have to.

A key contemporary innovation in indoor gardening is the Opticlimate pro 3. It contains everything to incorporate gardening into a relaxing as well as reliable recreation.  A top-quality technology with an incorporated air-conditioning system, it operates to keep the indoor climate ideal for optimum growing conditions. In terms of allowing for the best growth indoors, the Opticlimate pro 3 is all you will ever need for that necessary control.

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