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Shrink wrap film is one the most well-established forms of packaging and wrapping in existence. In fact it is so well accepted that it is widely used in almost all industries; from IT to foodstuffs. With many businesses wishing to present their products in a sustainable, affordable yet professional and attractive manner, it is no surprise that shrink wrap is so popular.

The benefits of shrink wrap

wrapping machine

Contrary to alternatives such as expensive and unsustainable plastics and cardboard, shrink wrap has been proven to be recyclable and great value for money. But there is more:

  • The cling-type film can improve the ergonomic experience of buyers engaging with products before they buy them – in other words allowing them to feel and see the product through the thin packaging material
  • Quick to use and easy – the actual shrink wrapping experience itself is almost alarmingly short and straightforward, allowing for swathes of your business items and products to be packaged simultaneously. With the right wrapping machine you can save hours of time.
  • Protection – from humidity, dirt, dust, bacteria and any other airborne substances which could be potentially damaging to your item or product
  • Low volume and weight – this allows for more products to be wrapped and transported when compared to alternative packaging methods which may be more bulky and weighty. This can speed up your production and manufacturing process, giving you greater value for money

The answer: Sontex

Sontex packaging machinery are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions and supplies. Supplying the best shrink wrapping machinery to all regions within the UK, and offering full project management of your machine installation process, Sontex have a specialist customer service team who can help you streamline your packaging process.

Gain Quick Results with the Use of Pay Per Click Marketing!

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The use of search engine optimisation (SEO) is what most companies use to gain a presence on the internet, and it is an essential tool for long term results. But it takes time to see results with organic SEO, and some experience frustration while waiting for the techniques to kick into gear. For those who want results now, pay per click (PPC) marketing is an excellent way to bring in traffic while you wait for your SEO to form.



Paying for Clicks

PPC involves companies paying for each click they receive on specially created adverts on Google. The adverts focus on key audiences and keywords, with higher ranks granted for those who bid the highest and have the best quality scores for their website and adverts. The challenge comes from finding the keywords people are searching for. It’s a tough process to get right, but one which gifts the company with great immediate results, as the Google ads are the first thing users see when they use the search engine.

Managing a PPC account successfully might seem daunting, and the wrong methods will lead to money being bled, but with the use of a PPC focused company, you can get short term results, while the long term SEO results are waiting to be unleashed. The two are perfect partners for each other!

PPC with Ranking Solutions


PPC management Lancashire

Ranking Solutions is a leading UK online marketing company, offering a range of services for small and large businesses across the country, and beyond. Prices are competitive, and bespoke options are available, allowing clients to tailor the SEO, PPC, social media, and web design services available with Ranking Solutions. With numerous success stories and over fifteen years of industry experience, Ranking Solutions have all the skills you need to make a significant dent on the net.

To view the full range of online services available through Ranking Solutions, visit the company’s website today, and utilise PPC and SEO for the best results!

Why Sandstone Is The Ultimate Paving Choice

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There are many types of paving which can help bring a driveway or garden to life, but sandstone is the number one choice for many, and it’s all because of what it can offer when it comes to presentation, quality, maintenance, and price.

Why Sandstone?


Indian sandstone

With sandstone you really get your value for money, and without a loss of quality or appearance. It is one of the most popular types of paving for a reason, and with the variety of types available, it means you will struggle to find two paved gardens alike! This keeps things unique, and it shows just how diverse the range of sandstone is. You can a warm or cool paved garden or driveway, the option is entirely yours.

Sandstone is composed of tiny sand sized minerals or rock grains, and has been used since prehistoric times, thanks to the tough surface which makes it resistant to weathering and cracks. It’s used across the world for many projects, and you can even tell where a type of sandstone comes from thanks to the colouring of materials collected from different regions. You don’t have to settle for sandstone made in the UK, there are imported variations available from as far out as India!

Sandstone goes great with stone setts and circles too, which helps provide even more options when it comes to crafting the ultimate patio or driveway, and the price means it is widely affordable by many. As long as you choose the right company.

For the best in sandstone, including Indian sandstone, visit London Stone today!

Find Your Paving with London Stone

London Stone is a leading UK supplier of natural stone paving, offering a great selection, including limestone, Yorkstone, granite and sawn paving. Bespoke options are available alongside the vast range, ensuring every customer finds the right fit for their home.

Your chance to go the whole hog this summer!

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Summer is almost over, and with it the inevitable get-togethers and parties which come with the warmer months in the year. Excuses to sit around and enjoy food outside with loved ones will fizzle away as the darker and colder season takes over.


But it’s not over yet!

And there’s still time to make the most of the long days and warm weather. What better way to do this than to have an outdoor event, with live cooking and good company. A good old fashioned hog roast comes to mind.

The best catering solution

hog roast Blackpool

Holding a party is easy when you have your catering sorted. Most of us attend parties and weddings because, if all else fails, we know we will be able to enjoy some complimentary nourishment. The best hog roast in Blackpool, can revolutionise the drab tradition of a buffet menu, and replace it with the live thrill of an onsite hog roasting.

Whether you want to cook the roast in a tray, or on a spit, the choice is yours. You also have the chance to decide whether to cook the meat yourself by hiring a machine, or whether to employ an onsite chef to look after it all for you. One thing is for sure, the fresh taste of a home-reared pig, is a novelty your guests will be sure to remember.

Take a load of your mind

The Pendle Pig are leading specialists in the delicate art of hog roasting. When it comes to catering, you want to be confident that you are working with the best; the best people, the best tools, and most importantly the best meat and ingredients. This is something which is guaranteed when you opt in for a hog roast to feed your guests at your next get-together.

It is guaranteed to soothe their hunger, keep you in their minds for a while, and provide a little distraction from the inevitable wait for food which comes with parties. You can contact The Pendle Pig directly via their website!

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