Effective Events Registration

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When you are part of an events team in any organisation, you will be aware not only of the importance of good management, but also of the individual components that must come together to form a great event.

Technology is key to this success and helps event organisers to stay one step ahead throughout the coordination process, right from locating the right space for the event in the first place, to how guests book to attend the event, through accommodating dietary requirements and resource expectations.

Events registration software is the best way to encourage a great guest experience.  Even after the event itself has occurred, you can stay in touch with guests to find out about what they did enjoy, and make any necessary amends to continue to improve the events for the future.

events registration software

What makes a good venue for a corporate event?

  • The effective management of time and space – the right space can make or break an event, in terms of the ambience of a room, together with the seating arrangements and ability for engagement between a speaker and their audience.
  • Breakout areas – must also be accommodated to enable guests to network prior to and post the main event, when the majority of business is discussed.
  • Information sharing – attendees must be fully aware of the event’s location, including a link to a map, together with an agenda and the main focus on the event. There must also be room for any contact and questions.
  • All the correct equipment – for an event to run smoothly, all the right resources, from video conferencing to presentation sharing materials must be easy to operate, alongside equipment such as microphones where necessary to encourage visitor engagement
  • Catering staff must be aware of the timings of the event, so that they are aware of when to serve and when not to disturb any of the event’s agenda.

Be a Chef for the Day at Your Event By Cooking Up A Hog Roast!

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Serving food at an event is one thing, cooking it up yourself is another entirely? Both lead to positive reactions if the food is good, but cooking up the event food yourself brings about a certain sense of pride. People are enjoying the food you made, the food you prepared. And if you want to cook up food for an event which won’t disappoint, a hog roast is the excellent challenge to undertake!

Cooking the Pig

When it comes to cooking a hog roast, you need an oven to accommodate a full pig, and know how long to cook the pig for. It may feel daunting to try and cook something for the first time, but if you choose to serve a hog roast at your upcoming event, a professional hog roast company will offer all the tips and tricks you need to ensure a delicious hog roast for your guests.

With the right hog roast company, you can hire a machine out, have the pig, gas and sides supplied, plus learn everything you need to know. It’s surprisingly easy to cook a hog roast successfully with the right instructions and equipment in place, but you won’t need to tell your guests that when they compliment you for the tender crackling pulled pork they’ve just eaten!

For the best in hog roast hire, Pig Roast Catering offer competitively priced machine hire, and will teach you everything you need to know on the day!

Pig Roast Catering

hog roast hire

Pig Roast Catering is a leading UK hog roast company, offering a variety of menus and packages for events of all sizes and budgets. Menus can be tailored, allowing for fully personalised menus, and Pig Roast Catering provide high quality support, be it through their catering or machine hire training.

To view the full range of packages and menus available with Pig Roast Catering, visit the company’s website today, and get ready to cook up a storm!

The Right Desk For The Right Job Is More Important Than You May Think!

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An office space always contains desks, it’s the place an employee will spend most of their day, typing up work, and drinking their coffee. But the quality of the work could drop dramatically if the wrong desk is in place. Every aspect of the office needs to be ideal for the ultimate workforce!

Right Desk, Right Office

bench desk

When choosing the desks for the office, you need to consider space, height, and if the chair works with the desk in question. Getting these elements wrong could lead to cramped up offices with workers struggling due to desks being too high or chairs being too small. It takes a lot of mental energy to get work flowing to its best, and these problems will only get in the way of your employees work being the best it can be.

Thankfully there are plenty of ergonomic stylish office desks and chairs available out there – it’s simply a case of choosing which set is right for your office space. If you aren’t too familiar with layouts and how people will work with the furniture, it’s best to approach the experts, those who can help you map out a plan and pick the desks and chairs that are suited for your working environment.

For the best in office furniture, Bevlan Interior Supply offers the bench desk or the storage shelves that will work for you!


Bevlan Office Interiors is a leading UK supplier of high quality office furniture at competitive prices. They can help companies determine how best to use their office space, and offer a huge range of high quality furniture for the office, from reception desks to executive chairs, allowing your business to look professional without the added cost one would expect from high quality furniture.

To view the full range of office furniture and services offered at Bevlan Office Interiors, visit the company’s website today, and get your workspace into shape!

Have you been affected by an elbow injury?

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Until you have sustained an elbow injury, you may not be aware of how limiting they can be. The elbow is a crucial joint, and therefore when it is injured, this can cause additional strain for the arm and shoulder too.


Causes and consequences


Unfortunately, elbow injuries are quite common because the joint can be easily exposed – with damage often occurring through accident. Elbow injuries can easily happen in the workplace,  Slips and trips on poorly-maintained surfaces can be a cause, and also working with machinery – as all these circumstances can be prone to putting the elbow joint under strain.

How to move forward

The impacts of elbow injury can be highly restrictive; even limiting the use of the whole arm if it is serious. However, if you have sustained the injury you could be entitled to elbow injury compensation. After all, for all the inconvenience and loss of mobility caused you deserve to be appropriately compensated.

Organise your office and keep the summer mood going

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As summer draws to close, many office environments can quickly feel more negative. After all, many workers celebrate the warmer months, where things feel perhaps a little freer and breezier – with the longer days and lighter nights an opportunity to keep things in control more easily. The prospect of winter is not inviting for many – but if you re-consider attitudes and equipment, the office area really does not have to suffer.

Christmas accessories are being used

Positivity matters


Before the winter inertia sets in, it matters to make the moves which can still inspire optimism. Having good office stationery is one way of doing this. For example, if you opt for coloured paper and envelopes for keeping effective correspondence, this is one way of spreading the cheer. After all, many businesses appreciate this personal and practical touch, with some workplaces opting for different pen colours, patterned hole-punchers and increasingly – innovative envelopes.

Envelopes are a solution to a number of office scenarios and can be a source for positivity in themselves. Firstly, they provide the opportunity for variety. Whether you want square envelopes, or need a rectangle design to better enfold documents, shape and size specifications should be possible when you opt for a quality provider. Furthermore, there is the possibility to choose different colours and shades, so you can really make an impact with all you choose to send.

A quality source

Thankfully, you can source ideal envelope solutions all in one place when you opt for a quality provider.

Enjoy True Comfort at Night with a Silk Camisole!

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We spend a large amount of our life in bed, so it makes sense to be comfortable whilst sleeping, and lounging round the house before bedtime. Some people don’t think much about nightwear and just put up with any discomforts, but with the right clothing, you’ll be having your best night’s sleep for sure!

Sleeping in Style

silk cami

With high quality nightwear you can sleep well and look good whilst doing so. It may keep your partner up though, if you’re sporting a silky camisole rather than a standard set of Pyjamas, but that has its benefits in its own ways!

There are a great variety of camisoles out there, and the night vest is perfect for comfort and conceals enough for walking to the toilet and back, especially important if you live in a shared flat or with your parents.

You may even be tempted to step outside in your camisole due to how great they look, but they are purely for the home, so stock up on some sexy silk underwear to wear when you’re out of the house, to enjoy the same level of feeling and style. It’s worth every penny to feel good under your clothing and if you go for lingerie or a camisole, silk is the way to go!

For the best silk cami range, My Knickers have everything you could need for a comfortable night’s sleep!

Night and Day with My Knickers

My Knickers is a leading UK supplier of women’s lingerie, offering a wide range at low prices. Top brands are stocked, including the likes of Boux Avenue, Playboy and Naf Naf Lingerie to name but a few. With panties, bras, camisoles, and even role play sets offered, there is something for everyone at My Knickers.

To view the full range of luxury women’s lingerie available with My Knickers, visit the company’s website today, and add an extra level of spice to your underwear drawer!

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