Are you ready to pig out at Manchester’s Christmas Markets?

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Due to take place from the 14th November, until Monday the 21st December, Manchester’s Christmas Markets 2015 are already greatly anticipated. The city is recognised for its strong cultural links and creative celebrations, especially when it comes to the festive season. Over 300 stalls are set to be there this year, covering notable places in the city including St Anne’s Square and Albert Square.

Food and drink is the star of the show

A central attraction of the markets is certainly the food and drink. Over the many years that the Manchester Christmas markets have been taking place, some very fine food and drink has been showcased. Past fondly-remembered features include beautifully crafted gingerbread houses, as well as chocolate-dipped fruit skewers – with portion sizes to please a crowd. Pancake and Belgian waffle stands also typically prove popular; offering a hot sweet treat perfect for the chilly days in the North.

Manchester meets the meat

Hog Roast Manchester

Yet the food and drink focus is expected to celebrate savouries especially this year! The markets often involve a great deal of German tradition, which is fascinating and offers a number of great experiences. Not only will German ales be on offer, but also a range of edible delicacies. German cuisine is especially recognised for its prime meats, especially using pork. Sausages, salamis and cold cuts will all be available – and a hog roast anticipated too. Biting into a hot pork and apple sandwich is perfect for keeping warm  whilst walking round the marvellous markets!

Why not take it a step further and bring some  market influence to your catering? Be adventurous and cultured: sure to impress your guests. A hog roast makes for the ideal Christmas party feast and is readily available to you when you opt for a Hog Roast Manchester specialist. The Manchester Hog King can provide everything you need to hold your own hog roasting event. For more information you can visit their website or call today on 0161 930 8707!

An increase in London housing up for sale: is the market heating up again?

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After a less productive summer, it seems that London’s housing market is going through a late resurgence. This is not too surprising, as it is common that the capital’s property market typically sees more promise going into autumn than in earlier months. Reasons for this may include people wanting to move before Christmas, taking the opportunity to have a greater interest in housing as now relieved of the busy holiday period and also economic changes.

More homes are becoming available

In September there were 25,000 new properties listed up for sale – which is a significant 27.1% increase on homes for sale in the month before. This suggests optimism in forecasts, as sellers seem to recognise that there is a need for sales, as well as rented accommodation. Many consider buying property in London to be a real investment, and this may increase, especially if more homes are to become readily available. Some London removals specialists are expecting an upsurge in interest in light of this.

Is there still a housing crisis?


removals London

Yet though there may be MORE homes available, it does not necessarily mean they are accessible. Pricing in the city is still high and renting is often preferred. The number of homes going up for sale though does indicate a highly active population – and moving from place to place around the city every year is often common. This highlights that people may prefer frequent, short-distance moving – staying in places for a space of months, rather than permanently – often associated with students and young workers.  A company well aware of this and prepared to support people whatever their removal and storage needs in the city is Top Removals.

Why getting legal representation is important

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When families go through problems that involve the law, it can be expensive since the withdrawal of legal aid. This can be one of the factors that put people off using legal services. More and more people are going through issues like divorce, injunctions and children matters, and it can be emotionally draining, especially if each person requires legal representation.

Inside the court

family law solicitors

The most senior judge in Bristol, His Honour Stephen Wildblood QC, found that 80% of private family law cases involved one party without legal representation who were handling their case themselves.  To represent yourself in a family law case can seem like a less expensive option, but it can also take more time, as parents and family members have other commitments that detract from the time they could spend on their own case. A lack of legal knowledge, and the complex processes and procedures of the court room can also add to the frustration and actually lengthen the legal process considerably. It can also adversely affect the outcome of the case.

Getting a solicitor

To ensure your case is heard thoroughly and fairly, family law solicitors are on hand to give the expert guidance and support needed to give your case the best chance of success.

Keep Your Packaging In Line With Environmental Regulations With Shrink Wrap!

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Environmental issues are becoming more and more prominent in policies throughout the world. It’s more important than ever to ensure everything used from the environment can be put back into circulation through recycling. Packaging is one area many companies struggle with, but with shrink wrap, a lot of environmental problems will be alleviated.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap


With shrink wrap many items can be packaged safely and securely without using a lot of material, and it’s recyclable too! Fruit, DVD cases, crates and even boats can be shrink wrapped, showing just how diverse the material is. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space, meaning less packaging is used, equalling less waste.

It’s the ideal material for companies looking to be more environmentally friendly with their packaging, and a machine to shrink wrap with is easily affordable if you choose the right company, one which offers both new and refurbished machines so everyone can afford to change their packaging ways.

For the best place to buy a new or used shrink wrap machine, Sontex is the place to visit, offering everything you could possibly need to get your production line in full flow.


Wrapping Up 

Sontex is a leading UK shrink wrap company, offering a wide range of new and used machines at competitive prices. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines are available to suit how a wide range of businesses operate, and the refurbished machines might as well be brand new, with the high quality parts used to bring them up to scratch.


Students look back on their moving experience – and have learnt lessons!

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Every year the months of September and October see many students make the big transition from school or college to university. This involves not only re-locating to a typically new environment, but moving many of their belongings too. Now the university term has typically started for many, some students have been keen to reflect on how they found the process of moving itself.

Family moving stress

For those students who had chosen their parents to help them with moving items, many raised the issue of stress. Trying to pack multiple boxes as well as people into the family car is inevitably difficult. Some who tried this raised the point that it led to arguments and tension – which is the last thing needed in what is already a daunting process. Furthermore, the manual moving of goods between home and university can involve multiple trips. This can be extremely frustrating, especially in a busy city like London.

Other students who had moved their belongings themselves – such as by public transport – often expressed the wish that they had more support. Transporting bulky items on trains and buses is difficult and stressful – often taking up excessive amounts of time.

A good solution?

man and van London

In light of such student feedback, it is clear that there is interest in opting for a supportive moving service.  For a student in the capital, a good man and van London service could be considered ideal therefore. Professional help in this form will allow the move to be completed reliably, by an expert who knows the city well.

A prime example of a man and van service with many student successes is Top Removals. They also offer London house removals and UK and International office relocation services.

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