Cut your wedding catering costs with these 3 easy tips

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Weddings are an opportunity to celebrate love and plans for the future with family and friends! Yet when planning the big day itself, this positivity can feel compromised by the looming pressure of costs. After all, you want all involved to enjoy themselves: without an extortionate fee. So much of the wedding preparation can seem expensive, particularly when it comes to catering. With some venues charging excessive amounts for a sit-down meal, many people are taking active steps to rethink their food choices.

Having fine food at your wedding is important, and it can be achieved without blowing the bank. What you need to ensure, is that there is enough for everyone and that it is of a good quality. This does not necessarily mean that you will need to pay high prices, and to keep that expenditure low, why not consider our top tips:

wedding catering Blackburn

Save money, maximise enjoyment

  • Rather than champagne, why not pick some fine sparkling wines? This cuts the cost massively and there still are some brilliant choices available.
  • If you are having a buffet, opt for cold favourites rather than elaborate hot options. Although the idea of a buffet with hot food seems good, temperatures can quickly fall – leading to food that was once warm being an unattractive choice for many. By having a largely cold buffet, this keeps quality consistent.
  • Reserve a meat option for the main course, but perhaps use vegetarian starters. Meat can be expensive, so it is better to have it as the main meal. Vegetarian starters can be much cheaper – and a great light option too. Popular choices include soup and risotto!

A wonderful wedding choice

A prime example of a main course option is a hog roast from Hog Roast Blackburn. They are wedding catering Blackburn specialists and for more information on the services they offer you can give them a call today on – 01254 427071

4 reasons you should visit Rawtenstall!

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Rawtenstall is a small town nestled in a valley in the North West of England. In medieval times Rawtenstall was part of the Forest of Rossendale, which has now largely been replaced with little market towns and open fields. There’s lots of bed and breakfast accommodation in Rawtenstall and it makes for a lovely country break.

Looking for something to do?


Hog roast Catering Rawtenstall
The Whitaker
The period property has recently been renovated and now offers dining options for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Situated in Whitaker Park, there’s picturesque scenery to enjoy, as well as a museum and an ever changing art exhibition.

Ski Rossendale
This dry slope at Ski Rossendale is great fun for kids and adults alike, whether you need to practice for an upcoming snow holiday or just want to have some fun, Ski Rossendale is the place to go!

Bank Street
Bank Street offers a unique shopping experience, different to many of the towns and cities surrounding the area. A popular port of call is Fitzpatrick’s, they’ve been making soft drinks and cordials for people from 1899. They specialise in vintage flavours such as Sarsaparilla, Dandelion and Burdock and Cream Soda.

East Lancashire Railway
The steam powered East Lancashire Railway offers a great day out as well as exceptional dining experiences. With a stop in Rawtenstall, you can climb aboard and enjoy the culinary delights with reception drinks and professional, traditional service.

You can do more than this!

If you’re thinking of visiting Rawtenstall, not only is there lots to do, but there’s also another food experience you can taste. If you’re looking to get a feel for Lancashire, why not indulge in hog roast catering services in Rawtenstall? Hog Roast Rawtenstall provide hog roasts for events including corporate events, parties and weddings. For more information on the services they offer you can give them a call today on – 01706 534942

Earn A Living As A Copywriter

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Do you like writing, ferreting out facts and connecting ideas together? Do you fancy becoming part of the glamorous and exciting world of advertising and marketing? Do you want to earn a decent salary whilst working from home?

If this is you then you should consider a career in freelance copywriting.

Once you’re established you can earn a good income writing copy for people all over the world on a huge variety of subjects. Plus, you have the choice of deciding when you write, where you write and for whom you want to work. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

One of the advantages of freelancing is you don’t need to give up your current job until you’ve established yourself. Whilst you’re building up your client base you can work part-time, earning extra money for special treats. You can even use that commuter time to do your research if you travel on public transport.

 copywriting course

Plus, you don’t need any special skills or experience to become a copywriter – people from all walks of life become copywriters. So what do you need? A strong command of English is a good start. Determination to get ahead as well as flexibility and some creative spark are needed too. If you have these qualities then, with the right training, you can learn how to become a successful freelance copywriter in a just a few months.

The Writers Bureau offer a first-class online home-study copywriting course, written by an expert copywriter and tutored by professionals. Their course shows you how to write all types of copy including: for the internet, press advertising, sales letters and follow-ups, PR materials, TV and radio commercials as well as writing for charities and non-profit organisations.

Plus, they advise you on practical business matters: the pros and cons of working freelance, what type of business to set up, creating a professional image, income tax, setting fees, invoicing and overcoming the ‘no experience’ barrier.

By the end of the course you will be able to write killer copy and have the know-how to set up your own home-based business as well!

Gift ideas for Christmas!

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When buying for a significant other at Christmas, it can be difficult to get what they will really like. Many couples nowadays tell each other what they would like for the 25th December and some of the magic is lost, but there are a few surprises you can buy without their knowledge! This little gift guide will give you some inspiration on the kinds of gifts you can buy and still keep the magic of Christmas.

What can you surprise them with?


designer underwear

Personalised gifts
You can buy pretty much anything and personalise it, from personalised stockings, mugs, t-shirts, chocolate, biscuits, decorations and much more: the choice is endless. Getting a personalised gift adds that extra special touch, and it shows you’ve been thoughtful!

Alcohol is a great gift at Christmas, especially because a lot of brands offer limited edition bottles and flavours. It certainly makes a nice little treat for people who like an occasional drink! An alcoholic drink is always enjoyed at Christmas too, so you know it won’t go to waste!

Experience days
While on the more expensive side, experience days can be great fun, especially if you buy two tickets, you could go along with the recipient! They can include activities as varied as chocolate making courses, spa days and race car experiences. They’re fun for everyone!

Underwear is a more personal gift, but one that can be really special! Getting underwear as a present can be a nice surprise and it’s something a lot of people generally don’t like to spend a lot of money on, so it’s lovely to receive as a treat.

Looking for a special gift?

Lux Lingerie provides a range of designer underwear as well as more conventional everyday choices. They have pieces that will make great Christmas gifts too! For more information you can visit their website at –

4 reasons why Harrogate could be the next capital of culture

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People are often on the lookout for cultural and interesting towns and cities to visit – wanting to get a taste of charm along with the opportunity to spend quality time. The ‘Capital of Culture’ status was famously awarded to Liverpool quite a few years ago, but perhaps now people are looking for a new focus. Why not cross the border into Yorkshire, where Harrogate certainly is a strong contender?

Harrogate is commonly recognised as a spa town, with beautiful surroundings and fine architecture. It brings the best of both worlds: the promise of domestic heavens along with plenty of countryside of those who like the outdoors. Therefore why not consider these four things which really make Harrogate the place to be:

Hog Roast Harrogate

4 cultural gems in Harrogate

  1. The Royal hall theatre – not only can you see some fantastic shows here, but it is also a Grade II listed building with beautiful features. It is recognised as the only surviving Kursaal in Britain and therefore an important symbol of national heritage
  2. The Royal Pump Room – here you can be near one of Europe’s largest sulphur wells, whilst also browsing the museum which explores the town’s spa history. Expect to feel luxurious!
  3. Betty’s Tea Rooms – no day out is complete without tea and cake! Plus when you are in Harrogate you can get it from an establishment known for its quality! The tearooms are owned by Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate – who also make Yorkshire Tea!
  4. The Mercer Art gallery – here you can enjoy a wide range of art, with over 2,000 pieces on display.

Fine food traditions too

A prime example of a business proud to uphold this Harrogate tradition of quality and luxury is The Yorkshire Pig offering Hog Roast Harrogate services. For more information you can visit their website:

Host your own company Christmas Party!

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Sometimes finding a venue or event to attend a Christmas party as a company can be difficult, especially if you have a large number of employees that all want to attend. There are often events going on at local Sports Clubs and there are Christmas markets a company can visit to enjoy, but hosting your own party might be the answer you’re looking for. Creating your own party can be hard to organise, but it might be better, knowing you can create a party suitable for everyone.

The perfect place for a party

conference room hire Bath

A perfect venue to host a party would be a community centre. All Saints Centre in Bath have their space used for many functions, from weddings to birthday parties, fundraising events and Christmas parties. As a completely refurbished 19th century Cotswold stone school house, it offers some impressive traditional features and is situated in grounds close to the Church.

Hosting your own party is easy with the All Saints Centre: they can recommend caterers for you, provide a full licence to sell and consume alcohol as well as the facility to bring your own DJ or live band. With so many options for entertainment and seating for up to 104 guests, your company could have a really good Christmas party!

The venue also includes disabled access and parking, making it easy for everyone to attend. They offer exclusive access to the car park and a computer generated floor layout when booking, so making the planning of your party as easy as possible.

Book your party today!

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