The Different Safes Available to Protect Your Valuables

Filed Under (Security) by Admin on 17-02-2017

When most people think about home security they straight away think about their doors, windows and locks – however when looking to protect items of value, whether it be monetary or sentimental, people must ensure that they add an additional layer of protection – such as that of a home safe. Not only can people use safes in their homes to protect valuable items, but also in the workplace. Safes are incredibly beneficial in a range of scenarios; however it has recently become apparent that many struggle to choose the best and most appropriate safes for their individual needs and requirements. That is why today we are going to discuss some of the available safe options, with the intention of enabling people to make informed decision…

Diversion safes – These safes are possibly the most basic, and often referred to as ‘hidden safes’. They are typically made from ordinary, everyday objects such as books and cans and used to hide items that people do not want to be found by others. A good example of these safes is a book diversion safe storing something, which is then placed on a bookcase to blend in.

Fire resistant safes – These safes can protect items from incredibly high temperatures, protecting items from fires and more. Items in these safes can even be kept in perfect condition after 4 hours of fire. When using these safes it is good practice to places inside items inside double zip lock bags first.

Wall safes – Wall safes re not simply placed on walls, but built into them – with people being able to choose the depth that they would like their wall safes to be installed. You have probably seen these safes multiple times in movies, with large pictures being strategically placed in front of them to hide their existence.

Burglar resistant safes – These safes are designed to stop thieves, made using robust and strong materials so that they are incredibly unlikely to be able to be broken into. A lot of safes in today’s world are burglar resistant, and there are many different grades available for people to choose from.

Room sized safes – Otherwise known as safe rooms and vaults, these safes are huge and designed for people who have large amounts of items that they wish to protect. These are great for businesses and places of work.

These are only some of the available safe options too! Which safes would you choose to protect your valuables? We would love to hear your thoughts…


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