Improve your shooting accuracy with these 4 top tips

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When it comes to air gunning, many people are initially surprised at how difficult it can really be. However, once people have got used to the sport and the obstacles it presents – it can be one of the most fun activities available. One thing in which can enable maximum fun when air gunning is an improved accuracy.

Tips on how you could improve yours:

Walther air rifles

  1. Use REAL paper targets when practising. These may cost a little more than it would to simply print your own however the results are definitely worth it – the paper won’t tear when you take a shot and accuracy will be improved vastly.
  2. Use a good scope. By using a decent scope accuracy can be straight away improved by up to 50% – even if you only use a scope whilst practicing, it will help you get a better idea of angles and distances you can shoot when a real game comes around.
  3. Only use the best steel pellets. People often purchase the cheapest pellets that they can find as they are under the impression that it won’t make difference – but this is wrong. When purchasing pellets go for a well-known popular brand as there will be a reason to why others use them.
  4. Again, like it is important to use good pellets from good providers, it also matters what air gun you use. Popular and highly recommended are Walther air rifles .

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you and in turn we hope that your accuracy improves. If you would like to see more tips or have any questions that you would like answering, you can contact Solware as they are always available to help air gunners all over the UK.

Air rifles: a guide to hunting

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Air rifle hunting is one of those sports that you’ll only truly appreciate once you’ve experienced it for yourself. Exciting, challenging and rewarding, becoming an air gunner might be more difficult than you think. It’s not just a case of going out with a gun and abusing your trigger, waving your weapon around wildly. You need patience, knowledge, consideration and, above all, a good shot.




A good hunter respects his surroundings

Whether you’re shooting rats or rabbits, a humane kill without suffering is something all true hunters should aim for. It’s not always easy but the wait is all part of the fun, and there are few things more rewarding than a successful shot after a proverbial game of cat and mouse. The sense of achievement is almost addictive.

It’s also important to follow the Country Code and to get permission from farmers if you’re entering their property. Shooting without permission on someone else’s land is illegal and you’re liable for prosecution if you do. But permission isn’t the be and end all.

Behave recklessly and you could soon gain an unwanted reputation so it’s important to open, close and climb gates and fences in the right manner and to behave appropriately and maturely… assuming you want to keep your shooting rights and gain a good rapport with farmers and property owners.

You’ll want to make sure your rifle is unloaded when you’re not shooting – especially if you’re crossing walls and fences – as mishaps can be very dangerous, causing harm to you or others. You should also try to stay away from known footpaths, tracks and roads, making sure they’re not in your line of sight.

At all times, you should adhere to hunting laws and follow best shooting practice, leaving any site as you find it. Littering is not just unsightly, it’s also hazardous and one of the most inconsiderate things you could do.

There are many animals you can hunt, including grey squirrels, carrion crows, wood pigeons, collared doves, rooks, feral pigeons, rabbits, jackdaws, ferrets, minks, magpies, rabbits and even rats. But try and stay away from anything larger as air guns aren’t powerful or humane enough for the likes of hares.

If hunting is something that interests you, get yourself over to the Sports Guns website and start shopping for air guns today. Their growing selection of air rifles UK products will transform you into a seasoned pro in next to no time!

You can find out more about hunting in the UK by reading the Country Code, the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 and visiting the British Association for Shooting and Conservation website.

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