Indoor Gardening is growing great

Filed Under (Grow Tents) by Admin on 02-02-2015

It may be following on the year of The Great British Bake Off and now The Great British Sewing Bee– but can we still have great British Gardening?  Baking and sewing are prime examples of traditional activities given a buzz by the technological times.

What about gardening?

This March will see the 47th year of Gardeners World come onto our screens. Yet there are technological mediums beyond television, sure to cultivate a new generation of gardeners…




From the comfort of your home

That is correct – just as you settle inside to watch the shows, there is no reason why you cannot do the same with gardening. The popularisation of indoor gardening has really bloomed in recent months, especially in light of the snowy conditions and the anticipated cold spell before Easter.


Why indoor gardening is a concept to cultivate this 2015:

  • From Leeds to London, big cities are growing but garden space is not necessarily. Being an indoor-grower with hydroponic equipment allows you to bring a little nature into your life, whatever your space
  • Some plants benefit from being grown indoors especially, including some prime fruit and vegetable crops
  • Gardening inside has the capacity to be trendy. Especially popular at the moment are ‘living screens’ and feature walls involving flowers, allowing you to appear a pro
  • It is not only trendy but handy! Indoor gardening can include the growth of fresh herbs and potential condiments for cooking, as well as for fragrance

Yet one way that can take this gardening from ‘good’ to deservedly great, is maintaining the right climate conditions.  Keeping on top of things in the house is hard enough without having to thin about maintaining the best conditions for quality growth. But now you do not have to.

A key contemporary innovation in indoor gardening is the Opticlimate pro 3. It contains everything to incorporate gardening into a relaxing as well as reliable recreation.  A top-quality technology with an incorporated air-conditioning system, it operates to keep the indoor climate ideal for optimum growing conditions. In terms of allowing for the best growth indoors, the Opticlimate pro 3 is all you will ever need for that necessary control.

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