Why You Should Power Flush You Central Heating System

Filed Under (Plumbing) by Admin on 25-08-2016

Many people power flush there heating systems to get rid of sludge, rust and calcium. However, it has become common for people to leave their central heating systems alone when they need powerflushing, this is because they either can’t be bothered or they simply don’t know when you should power flush. To avoid mechanical failure and paying out more money, look for a few of these: Your boiler switching on and off regularly or breaking down a lot, your boiler is making noise such as banging or making a kettle sound, radiators getting cold spots or your house feeling cold when your heating is on.

powerflushing in Addlestone

Benefits of Power Flushing:

  • It will improve water circulation
  • You will save up to 25% on heating bills, therefore your money will stretch further
  • Improves central heating efficiency and all your radiators will produce more heat meaning there will be no cold spots
  • Your boiler will run quieter
  • There will be less risk of it breaking down
  • The temperature of the hot water will be better

As you can see power flushing is essential if you would like it to work efficiently and not paying extra money on heating bills. If you think that you need to power flush your central heating system then here are a few tips before the big flush, take note:

  1. It is important to record the temperature of all radiators and settings of any thermostatic radiator valves (TRV).
  2. Close automatic air vents manually.
  3. To ensure that there is a consistent flow going through each valve take the heads off TRV.
  4. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

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