How to Find the Best Job in Recruitment

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If you are looking to land the perfect recruitment role, you will no doubt probably already be aware of a number of different websites available for you to take advantage of – Or maybe you’re not. The great thing is that a number of these websites and tools are totally free of charge and able to be easily accessed by everyone from a whole range of devices, providing that internet access is present.  As recruiters, many would think that finding the perfect and most suitable role is incredibly easy; however with the industry being so competitive, many can struggle unless they’re aware of the methods in which we are now going to talk about…

Rec to Rec Agencies

Job Boards

Many recruitment job board websites are available to all online, providing people with knowledge regarding a whole range of recruitment openings around the world, not just in individuals’ local areas. Not only can recruitment jobs be found on specific recruitment job sites, but also regular job boards, where filters can be used to find jobs 100% suited to personal needs and requirements. The great thing about looking for jobs online as opposed to going to the job centre or a local company, is that people are able to see jobs all over the country, or even the world, allowing them to discover where they are most needed and where they could be the most successful, providing that they’re willing or planning to move.

Posting Online

Not only can people search for jobs available on job board websites – but many also allow individuals to post information regarding the jobs that they’re looking for so that potential employers can easily see them and make decisions. Many recruiters that are already in roles decided to keep their profiles on these websites for all to see, in case anything better comes along in the future – This way they will be able to be contacted should someone think that they’re appropriate for a role they’re offering.

Rec to Rec Agencies

Rec2Rec companies specialise in placing recruiters in the most appropriate roles. This can often be a great route for people looking for recruitment roles to take because these experts have a lot of knowledge regarding the industry and access to lists of jobs available that aren’t available to the public. For example some recruitment companies do not bother posting on job boards and simply leave their recruiting to Rec2Rec specialists.

Is flexible working the big new focus in recruitment?

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Trends in recruitment often fluctuate. After all, it is a process which may be influenced by the markets, the output of related industries and the people involved. Yet a recent report has drawn attention to rising demands for flexible working in turn influencing the recruitment process.

According to a survey conducted by Waddington Brown, over a quarter of high-ranking professionals expressed the need for more flexible working arrangements; asserting that this needs to be addressed in order for recruiters to retain the top talent. Flexible working may involve alternate office hours, later starting times or the prospect of teleworking for example; increasingly expected by the modern professional.

Recruiters could therefore be considered under more pressure, especially going forward, not only to consider the skill of their clients but their working schedules. Some industry experts argue that more diverse working schedules need to be offered in order to increase the chances of the best talents taking on appropriate roles. Therefore, recruitment which considers the method of work, as well as the skill set available is important.

Flexibility matters, but skill does too


Yet going forward, it is clear that this flexibility matters, but essentially when it is paired with a proper consideration of skill. Flexi-working is not a focus which will rise alone in recruitment; after all, it is essential that high-level recruiters continue to source skilled clients with as much scrutiny as possible.  It is taking these complementary factors into account and coordinating them to the recruitment process which is likely to allow for even better working productivity and employee retention in the future.

Here for you

A prime example of a specialist in the area of recruitment, working from an established London base and able to advise you, is GSR2R. They offer a rec2rec service and for more information you can visit their website:

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