Creating a Productive Office Environment

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Over the decades offices across the UK have seen an abundance of different designs – with many styles proclaiming to increase productivity levels. With designers continuing to argue between themselves, with some believing that privacy is key, whilst others boasting that openness is vital, it is no surprise that many office owners and managers are unsure how to redesign their spaces to achieve maximum results.

Of course, space has to be utilised appropriately for each individual business – for example the slides that can be found in Google’s offices may not be suitable for law firms and such, however there are a number of key considerations which can improve productivity within offices in all industries. These include the following:

Sound Control

Ensuring appropriate sound levels are present within an office is incredibly important. This will vary depending on each office’s conditions for examples noises that have to be considered include those from traffic, employees, other business, mobile phones etc. Loud and repetitive noises have been proven to cause headaches, increase blood pressure, increase irritability and more.

First of all you should look to block out any noises coming from outside of your office – this can be achieved in numerous ways including by using double glazed windows and acoustic tiles. Next you need to consider the noise inside your office – putting up dividers between employees workstations can work greatly. Having office plants can also absorb some of the noise and allow for a quieter, more productive environment.

Good Lighting


removal services in LondonSimilarly to sound, bad lighting choices have been known to cause bad side effects including – raised blood pressure, fatigue, headaches and irritability. Natural light is by far the greatest source of light therefore if possible; a number of windows to let this light in are advised. Although, if you do have a lot of windows, you should have blinds in place for the days that are too bright – as this can be detrimental also. “Daylight” light bulbs are also a great option for offices as they can be very pleasing on the eye so if you don’t have the optimum numbers of windows these could provide a fabulous alternative.

Task-Specific Workstations

Having specific, dedicated work stations for different tasks can work incredibly well, as people will have to get up more throughout the day to move from desk to desk. It has been proven that taking regular breaks to stretch and walk around improves productivity and work levels.

Do you need to relocate?


If you believe that your employees are not currently reaching their maximum productivity levels and think that this is because your office space is unsuitable, it could be time to move. If you are thinking about moving offices, there are plenty of removal services in London available to allow you to move quickly, efficiently and easily without affecting your business operations.

Moving Tips for Houses and Offices

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Relocating, whether it be homes or offices can be incredibly stressful if not completed efficiently and correctly.

Basic tips to assist

London removals

  1. There is no such thing as packing too early, do this in as much advance as possible to avoid having to rush any packing a the last minute
  2. Start by packing things, and rooms, that you know that you’re not going to need – being sure not to pack anything away that you are going to need before your move
  3. If possible pack away one room at a time, labelling each box clearly. This will allow you to be easily able to find things upon arrival at your new destination
  4. Limit each box to thirty pounds so that they are not too heavy to carry this will ensure that you don’t get injured and also that the boxes do not break, damaging the items inside
  5. When packing make sure that there aren’t any empty gaps in boxes, these can be filled with newspaper – this will secure your items

If you are looking for a professional London removals company to assist you with your move, one company that would be happy to help is Safe Removals London.

Students look back on their moving experience – and have learnt lessons!

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Every year the months of September and October see many students make the big transition from school or college to university. This involves not only re-locating to a typically new environment, but moving many of their belongings too. Now the university term has typically started for many, some students have been keen to reflect on how they found the process of moving itself.

Family moving stress

For those students who had chosen their parents to help them with moving items, many raised the issue of stress. Trying to pack multiple boxes as well as people into the family car is inevitably difficult. Some who tried this raised the point that it led to arguments and tension – which is the last thing needed in what is already a daunting process. Furthermore, the manual moving of goods between home and university can involve multiple trips. This can be extremely frustrating, especially in a busy city like London.

Other students who had moved their belongings themselves – such as by public transport – often expressed the wish that they had more support. Transporting bulky items on trains and buses is difficult and stressful – often taking up excessive amounts of time.

A good solution?

man and van London

In light of such student feedback, it is clear that there is interest in opting for a supportive moving service.  For a student in the capital, a good man and van London service could be considered ideal therefore. Professional help in this form will allow the move to be completed reliably, by an expert who knows the city well.

A prime example of a man and van service with many student successes is Top Removals. They also offer London house removals and UK and International office relocation services.

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