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safesMany people use safes on holiday, in hotel rooms to keep valuables safe while they are out and about enjoying themselves. Safes are also commonly used to keep money in, from little money boxes at home to large commercial safes in offices and banks. However, the need for safes do not stop there. People require safes for a wide variety of things such as, guns, drugs, jewellery and even just general storage.


A safe provides someone with a strong unit to store something valuable or dangerous where it can only be accessed by those who either have a key or code to unlock the unit. Safe manufacturers have worked hard to design the most secure safes on the market for a variety of uses, apart from the usual uses here are a few others you may have not used before.


  • Deposit safes

Deposit safes allow staff to access the safe to put money in but doesn’t enable access to get money out. This means that not all staff need access to keep the safe more secure.

  • Gun safes

Designed to be able to store various guns of different sizes safely and securely.

  • Key safes

These are designed purely for storing keys, they come in various sizes and include little hooks for the keys to hang on.

Due to an increase in needing to secure valuables away, the need for people to purchase safes has greatly risen. With this rise, safe manufacturers have had to create safes that can suit everyone’s individual needs, safes no longer are just metal boxes you find on shelves or in cupboards.


Where can you put your safe?


There are various safes now that have been designed to be able to be kept underground. This was due to some safes needing to be kept out of site for security reasons. This meant that anybody passing or in the event of a break-in, the person would not be able to locate the safe.

Alongside underground safes are also those that can be fitted into a wall. This can save on space and similar to underground safes can quite considerably reduce visibility and attention.

If you require even more security than just a safe you can have what is called a strong room. These are basically giant safes in which you can put valuable object in or put smaller safes for double security.

Some safe manufacturers have started ranges of bespoke luxury safes, this was due to an increase in domestic safes and allows people to have safes at home that have a stylish look and fit in with furnishings.


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