Keep Your Packaging In Line With Environmental Regulations With Shrink Wrap!

Filed Under (Shrink Wrapping) by Admin on 12-10-2015

Environmental issues are becoming more and more prominent in policies throughout the world. It’s more important than ever to ensure everything used from the environment can be put back into circulation through recycling. Packaging is one area many companies struggle with, but with shrink wrap, a lot of environmental problems will be alleviated.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap


With shrink wrap many items can be packaged safely and securely without using a lot of material, and it’s recyclable too! Fruit, DVD cases, crates and even boats can be shrink wrapped, showing just how diverse the material is. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space, meaning less packaging is used, equalling less waste.

It’s the ideal material for companies looking to be more environmentally friendly with their packaging, and a machine to shrink wrap with is easily affordable if you choose the right company, one which offers both new and refurbished machines so everyone can afford to change their packaging ways.

For the best place to buy a new or used shrink wrap machine, Sontex is the place to visit, offering everything you could possibly need to get your production line in full flow.


Wrapping Up 

Sontex is a leading UK shrink wrap company, offering a wide range of new and used machines at competitive prices. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines are available to suit how a wide range of businesses operate, and the refurbished machines might as well be brand new, with the high quality parts used to bring them up to scratch.


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