Gift ideas for Christmas!

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When buying for a significant other at Christmas, it can be difficult to get what they will really like. Many couples nowadays tell each other what they would like for the 25th December and some of the magic is lost, but there are a few surprises you can buy without their knowledge! This little gift guide will give you some inspiration on the kinds of gifts you can buy and still keep the magic of Christmas.

What can you surprise them with?


designer underwear

Personalised gifts
You can buy pretty much anything and personalise it, from personalised stockings, mugs, t-shirts, chocolate, biscuits, decorations and much more: the choice is endless. Getting a personalised gift adds that extra special touch, and it shows you’ve been thoughtful!

Alcohol is a great gift at Christmas, especially because a lot of brands offer limited edition bottles and flavours. It certainly makes a nice little treat for people who like an occasional drink! An alcoholic drink is always enjoyed at Christmas too, so you know it won’t go to waste!

Experience days
While on the more expensive side, experience days can be great fun, especially if you buy two tickets, you could go along with the recipient! They can include activities as varied as chocolate making courses, spa days and race car experiences. They’re fun for everyone!

Underwear is a more personal gift, but one that can be really special! Getting underwear as a present can be a nice surprise and it’s something a lot of people generally don’t like to spend a lot of money on, so it’s lovely to receive as a treat.

Looking for a special gift?

Lux Lingerie provides a range of designer underwear as well as more conventional everyday choices. They have pieces that will make great Christmas gifts too! For more information you can visit their website at –

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