Hiring a car only to have to drive on the other side of the road

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In the last few years, “Staycations” have been on the rise, and why not when Britain has some beautiful holiday destinations on offer? The British countryside has so much unexplored potential during the summer months, from mountain biking and hiking in Cannock Chase, Bedgebury trial in Kent or Friston Forest Sussex, to a surfing extravaganza in sunny Cornwall or Torquay.




With all this on offer, why would you need to pay a fortune to up heave the family and cramp onto a stuffy plane for several hours? Then there is the dilemma on the other side of either being stuck in one place for your entire stay, hiring a car only to have to drive on the other side of the road, or having to brave the horror of 40 degree buses if you actually want to travel anywhere.

Whether you’re a very active and outdoorsy family who are happy to trial hunt of your own accord, or you are craving some rest bite from the kids and prefer companies such as Butlins or Oasis to provide your little Cherubs with entertainment day and night, there is something for everyone. And with the summer fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about where you want to take the clan for a week or two.




But wait

As a suburban London dweller, seasoned commuter and business mogul you know better than anyone that it’s an absolutely ludicrous prospect to even attempt to drive into work in London City Centre. What with the London Underground running every 2 minutes in every direction, and the kids’ school short walk around the corner, why would you even need to think about having a car? Suddenly you’re faced with a problem. How on earth are you going to get you, your family and the dog down to St. Ives or up to the Lake District, never mind how you will be able to start adventuring once you get there?

But with companies such as Swift Lease¬†around, you need not fear. They offer affordable, local and convenient car and minibus hire across the country. So what’s stopping you? Get booking your Staycation today!

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