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Shrink wrap film is one the most well-established forms of packaging and wrapping in existence. In fact it is so well accepted that it is widely used in almost all industries; from IT to foodstuffs. With many businesses wishing to present their products in a sustainable, affordable yet professional and attractive manner, it is no surprise that shrink wrap is so popular.

The benefits of shrink wrap

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Contrary to alternatives such as expensive and unsustainable plastics and cardboard, shrink wrap has been proven to be recyclable and great value for money. But there is more:

  • The cling-type film can improve the ergonomic experience of buyers engaging with products before they buy them – in other words allowing them to feel and see the product through the thin packaging material
  • Quick to use and easy – the actual shrink wrapping experience itself is almost alarmingly short and straightforward, allowing for swathes of your business items and products to be packaged simultaneously. With the right wrapping machine you can save hours of time.
  • Protection – from humidity, dirt, dust, bacteria and any other airborne substances which could be potentially damaging to your item or product
  • Low volume and weight – this allows for more products to be wrapped and transported when compared to alternative packaging methods which may be more bulky and weighty. This can speed up your production and manufacturing process, giving you greater value for money

The answer: Sontex

Sontex packaging machinery are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions and supplies. Supplying the best shrink wrapping machinery to all regions within the UK, and offering full project management of your machine installation process, Sontex have a specialist customer service team who can help you streamline your packaging process.

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